Hoarding Nostalgia

 My happiest days were in the 90’s when I was raised by my grandmother. A habitual hoarder, she collected all kinds of one-of-a-kind, miscellaneous stuff. Sometimes preciously displayed and sometimes stored underneath dust, she never let them go. Despite some people calling her having ‘bad taste’ and weird fixation, she went on and created her own fantastic world. Inspired by her eccentric and independent personality, this collection is all about holding on to the fantastic, odd, cherished memories that we had together as the super duo! 
Hence the name Hoarding Nostalgia, when a jumble of things meet with child-like whimsy, over-the-top aesthetic, and a tingling sense of melancholy. It’s a homage to my grandmother who’s a survivor in many ways. It’s for those who refuse to grow up and go for what makes them happy, listening to their heart and aspirations. 
Designer: Ophelia Kwon; Photographer: @xiaoyangjin; Models: @ecurlyt @169km.h

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