Cherry Stain And Albumen

This project was a way to vent years of fear and anger about menstruating. Age 11, when my period began, I experienced the same detachment from my bleeding body which was now, apparently, a female body, with guilt and shame in every ounce of blood. But I never dwelt on the disparity between the importance of this natural, mammalian process and society’s silent obsession with it until I suffered a traumatic post-operative vaginal bleeding experience, age 17, cueing months of intense anxiety, and through willpower (or, in reality, from starving myself) my periods barely came at all. Since then, I have worked hard to develop a positive relationship with my body, and most powerfully have I come to embrace my menstrual cycle for its reality, not the taboo it had become.

I combined my words digitally with stock-image photos, and with ‘traditional’ gluestick collages made from fashion magazines and supermarket leaflets.

By Katherine Hillier

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