Sarah Cohen

ⓎⓝⒼ ⓌⓘⓁⒹ Ⓝ’ ⓕⓇⓔⓔ ~*~Sarah Cohen is 18 yrs yung// she luvs the early 2000’s, cake decorating videos and the smell of fresh cilantro. A writer, an avid youtube watcher, and sticker curator she’s been living the dream since late august 1997. She experiments in film, photo, writing, digital art, and knits in her spare time~*~ _________▄██✿███▄ _______ ▄██▀██████▄ ______██▀__███▒████ _____██____███░░ٮ░▀...

Miu Hatano

Half Japanese, half English girl who likes scary and cute things.  

Georgia Haire

Georgia is a 24 year old illustrator & History graduate living in London. Her work focuses on flesh and bodies, and she’s also really into Wetherspoons and medical museums. Instagram: @georgiahaire Photo by Sophie Davidson

Moth Hole

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Georgina Jones

When I was a kid my dream job was to become a ballerina barbie fairy princess – I’d say I’m about halfway there. Catch me in Manchester attempting to be a full time adult and writer covered in sequins and eating too many takeaways.   @princessgeorgina on Instagram &@georginalouisa on Twitter

Ayesha Tan Jones

Ayesha Tan Jones (British born Eurasian artist currently studying at Central Saint Martins, London) works with issues concerning the energy, form and identity of the Female Spiritual, placing this archetypical figure at the centre of a radiant and humming cosmic world view. Music (YaYa Bones), sculpture, digital image and video mix collage manipulation are combined...

Fabiola Ching

FABIOLA is a 17 y/o queer immigrant bby and college student living in the east coast. she writes a lot and sleeps very little. Her fave topics of discussion include class and race in feminism, fashion theory, and human interaction. she also edits and curates her own zine, the coalition zine. blog:

Giselle Defares

Giselle enjoys googling random things like it’s academic research but her grandma Hilda had a premonition of a great future. So, there’s that. Tumblr:

Laurence Philomene

Laurence Philomene is a Montreal-based freelance photographer. She started taking pictures and posting them online when she was 14 and hasn’t stopped since, developing her own dreamy, pastel-hued aesthetic. Nowadays, you can find her at home playing with dolls, taking care of her birds, napping and taking pictures that explore themes of gender identity, femininity,...

Adriana Padilla

  Adriana M. Padilla is a 22-year-old writer and stylist currently based in the island of Puerto Rico. Her work has been in VICE’s The Creators Project, Fatcap and Grape Magazine. She has an intense magnetism towards feminist art theory, drunken noodles, Italian horror films and 90s underground music. When she isn’t aspiring to become...

Hannah Le Feuvre

As well as writing for Polyester Hannah is a contributor to The Coven and Bunny Collectives online. When she isn’t on the web she likes riding her (pink) bike and eating burgers, currently trying to survive her last year of Fine Art at Chelsea College of art and design, she needs all the burgers she...

Louisa Rogers

  Louisa Rogers is just another crazy cat lady obsessed with vintage Kenzo. Her photography is an amalgamation of dingy snapshots of London life, colourful editing and her all consuming obsession with MySpace glitter graphics. Links: Twitter @lgrphotography   WORK FOR POLYESTER: LITTLE MONSTERS