Blonde Bombshells

From Karina Longworth’s phenomenal podcast series Dead Blondes (where 5 out of the 11 Blondes profiled were of the Bombshell persona variety), to Tumblr fan pages, it seems that society is still obsessed by the idea of the Old Hollywood “Blonde Bombshell”. While Hollywood has had many popular blonde actresses during its century-odd existence, (from...

Charlie Craggs is our First Guest Editor

My names Charlie Craggs, and I’m officially your unofficial new editor…for a little while. I’m basically the transgender version of Ione gamble though, see photo, so hopefully the change won’t be too hard for you to adapt to. But yeah, I’m Polyester’s first ever guest editor, so hi. For those of you who don’t have a clue who I...

The Very Scary Film – A new monthly illustration

Charlotte Tymm a.k.a. Trashpanda is a self-taught artist based in London. For Polyester, Tymm re-creates different iconic film poster’s each month. This month, for halloween, its “The Vey Scary Film” starring icons such as big hungry fish, weird man in mask loves a power tool, hot blonde rad outfit, and creepy teenage girl.

Go For Gold — part one

In our latest photo series ‘Go For Gold’ we seek to not only represent the weird and wonderful contributors who have made the zine what it is over the past two years, but those who inspire them on the daily. While we all may idolise people online, on the streets or from viewing their work,...

Harriet Scott

Harriet Scott is a fine art student at Central Saint Martins. Living to liberate and encourage pleasure. Attempting to understand what it now means to be a woman, to accept, embrace and critique the constructed and to reclaim it as her own, finding power in both femininity and masculinity and fusing the two together, urging...

Lola Chatterton

Lola Chatterton is a freelance London based fashion stylist. She previously assisted Jacob K, Chloe Kerman and Jane How before she freelanced on her own. Lola‘s work is colourful and girly, with an element of cheekiness and humour.

Scarlett Carlos Clarke

Born in London, Scarlett Carlos Clarke became the youngest person to exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in 2006 at the age of 14. In 2011, she created a film animation for Japanese band, Bo-Ningen for the 54th Venice Biannale, which was later shown at Yoko Ono’s Meltdown at The Southbank Centre in 2013. Alongside Luisa Le...

Ryan Oliver Peterson

Ryan is a London based fashion photographer who has just recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. He has adopted a very hands on and personal approach to his work, where you’ll often find him styling and art directing many of his shoots. On social media, Ryan goes by the name Lily Bling — a name that...

Hannah Grunden

Hannah Grunden is a London-based fashion stylist and illustrator whose work focuses on girl power and often features mixed race and street cast girls. Herself half-Korean and California raised, she also runs an online boutique selling customised secondhand clothing and accessories. SEE HER WORK FOR POLYESTER HERE WEBSITE/INSTAGRAM/TWITTER/FACEBOOK/ONLINE SHOP

Constance McDonald

Princess from New Zealand. My nose bleeds when I’m too warm, I’ve broken my arm seven times, I am obsessed with Lady Di, I am emotional, tender, fierce, sweet, and write and make photographs and books and other stuff to try make sense of it all.   Instagram: @princess.constance  See her work for Polyester here

Glacier Girl/Lizzie Farrell

Most commonly known in the virtual world as Glacier Girl, I am a 19-year-old visual environmental activist from London. I was awarded a ‘Gap Scholarship’, by the Royal Geographical Society for my project ‘Remember The Glaciers’ and am starting university in September to study geography and environmental studies. Lizzie writes a regular column for Polyester...

Megan Tatem

Megan is a lazy 23 year old artist living in New York. She looks her best and makes her best work right after a panic attack. You can find her illustrations, photographs, and designs here: Instagram