Beyond The Curve

Two significant events happened in my life in 2017. I turned 30 and I got married. Before the wedding I noticed I was curvier than usual. I have decided to try something I never had the patience for: slowly, gradually changing my lifestyle. I promised myself I won’t be impatient, I won’t force myself to lose 20 kilos in two months, and I’ll leave time for myself.

All my life I have tried to feel good in my skin, because this is how I always was, this was my figure. But there were always people around, who made accepting myself difficult. They were usually people close to me. I had a boyfriend who forced me to stand on the scale, to check if I gained weight. He wanted to see if I should start dieting. Years later, before my wedding I was asked if I really needed bridesmaids, because of how I will look on the photos, standing next to my slim girlfriends. All these people meant well.

My campaigns in dieting were successful temporarily, but I always gave up after a while. But this time, it worked.

I am lucky, because I have found a true partner. He won’t force me on the scale, he will never insult me, while only meaning well and giving me courage. My self-confidence grew greatly since I’m with him. But I have started changing my lifestyle for myself, and learned not to compare myself to others. I have changed a lot. I’m happy about improving my health, and I don’t feel guilty when I sometimes go off-diet. I haven’t become a top model. I’ll never be one, but I’m fine with it. I like my big behind and my belly. I hope my new series will help other to accept themselves as well.

Photography: Eva Szombat, Special thanks: Antoine d’Agata & Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center

Special thanks: Antoine d’Agata & Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, my love Dávid Klág, Orsolya Poppre who made the embroidered underwear for my bachelorette party, Nóra Sármán who made my special wedding dress, bomber jacket and veil, Beáta Csóka who was my lovely trainer and documented the changes, Zsófia Endlein who made the special handkerchief holder for our wedding and Szilvi Bécsi for the mugs.