Kitsch Bitch

Dora Moutot, curator of La Gazette du Mauvais Gout, adores all things kitsch and trash. Well duh! Who doesn’t?!

Fuck Up The Fun

“What we Lack in Structure we Make up for in Radical Love” The porn industry is a dying business. Porn executives are no longer on big boats pouring champagne on models tits and selling their homemade videos in stores.

Throw Me Some Glitter

Photography by Rosie Williams. GIF’s by Ione Gamble

Your Favourite Cousin

It’s hard not to love someone who describes girls as “Naughty fruity things”, but a way with words isn’t the only talent Maisie Cousins possesses. She’s the photographer you wish you had around to take your school yearbook picture, as we’re pretty sure she could take the blandest set up and make it look amazing.

Everyone Needs a Ghoulfriend

The first time I saw the comic book Emmy I was left amazed. Its accessible drawing style encroaches on your memories, comparing itself closer to your battered edition of Garfield as opposed to the heady, polished works of Marvel.

People Are Overrated

[cycloneslider id=”people-are-overrated”] Photography by Kayla Martinez.

“I think it’s a natural thing to want to show who you are in a visual way” Rosie Newton

You may not have heard of her yet, but give it five years and Rosie Newton will be one of the only designers worth talking about. Currently studying at Westminster, it seems only natural that her pretty in pink, childhood infused design will result in her following in the footsteps of former Westminster alumni Claire…

Patterns Of Delirium

[cycloneslider id=”patterns-of-delirium”] Photography by Afi Baaqi.

Having 15k Followers is a Full Time Job

Beneath the clutter of awkward penguin memes, screenshots of movie scenes, and gifs of food floating in space, there was once a group of Tumblr users called the 90K Gang.