“We actually cried after the first gig” Polyester chats to Hinds

Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen make up the quartet band, Hinds. Hailed from Madrid, England – amongst many other countries around the world – have guzzled down this garage lo-fi influenced girl band.

Dicktionary: Peglittle

Words we wish were in the Oxford English Dictionary, but for now the Polyester Dicktionary will have to do. peglittle \ [peg-lit-l] \ verb peglittle is to communicate in an unfriendly way. 1: UNFRIENDLY, HATEFUL, CHILLY, COLD, ALOOF, SOUR He was so peglittle about it.   Illustration by Emma Farrant

How Pretty in Pink Helped Me Discover My Queer Identity

My first camp crush was 100% polyester: a calf-length dress in baby pink with large blush polka dots, the fabric hung loose around the waist and crop sleeves falling blousily either side. The neckline drew up into a deep V which gave onto a panel of pink lace; the laced skimmed over collar bones into…

Collective Practises: Sofia Niazi

Our Collective Practices: Creating Space For Female Creativity, series continues with Sofia Niazi, illustrator and Co-founder of OOMK, (One Of My Kind), zine. Sofia’s illustrations are poignant and insightful, her series WOT, (Women Of Terror), highlights how injustices brought on by the war on terror affect women and families. Another series, for the Museum of…

The Diminished Shock Value in Fashion

It’s that time of the year again were designers wipe the sweat of their foreheads and see models strut their latest designs on the runway whilst hoping their creations end up in our fashion lexicon. AW15 tries to expand our conversation on how we perceive fashion whilst being scandalous, bold, or outrageous. *Cough.*

Why we Need to Celebrate the Athletic Body

I recently read an interview with FKA twigs in which she highlighted an issue that I’ve never heard discussed before. An issue that has dictated the way I’ve viewed myself since the incredibly young age of eight. Now, at nearly twenty, I’ve finally heard the words I’ve been waiting to hear.

Fangirls are Cyborgs

If you’re not a fan, have never been a fan and would rather drink a glass of spit than be called a fangirl in public – this isn’t for you. Please see yourself out.

Smells Like Teen Blaming: Why you all Need to Quit Hating on the Girl Who Wore the Kurt Cobain Suicide Letter Shirt

Whether you’re the queen bee or the kid who hangs out alone in the library, high school is a pretty difficult time for everybody with hormone levels running as high as your pressure to get good grades. It’s around this time when you start to mold your own identity and make some pretty questionable life…

Gyrl Gaze: Vivian Fu

My favourite thing about photography and the digital age today is the vulnerability and closeness that artists have in their work; there’s a link between the digital age and the ability and freedom to convey intimacy, through photography, from the artist to the viewer the way Vivian Fu does. I’ve admired Vivian Fu’s self-portraits and…

Collective Practises: Lucy K Shaw

Virginia Woolf once wrote ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction’, but surely its even better if that room is filled with other like minded individuals, who will support you every step of the way? In a society such as ours, where the individual gain…

How to Deal with Your Problematic Fave

  Together with the change in broadcasting towards the internet, the way we deal with celebrities changed at the same speed we adjusted our concept of privacy protection.
Information is communicated more quickly, (though not more accurately), and we have direct sources, whether it be Iggy Azaleas twitter account or a shakily recorded red carpet video…

Gyrl Gaze: Sanaa Hamid

The topic of cultural appropriation and how it correlates with the digital age has been a prominent one on the Internet, but it’s hard to see anyone try to relay this conversation beyond a text post on tumblr. Sanaa Hamid is the brilliant mastermind behind “Cultural Appropriation: A Conversation,” a photography project that broke down…