LIMBO – A New Monthly Polyester Comic

Limbo is relatable for people who are in the in between stages of adulthood, this is a mainly autobiographical series about constantly going to the pub, getting with rubbish guys, dropping out of uni, etc. Comic: Maddie Cottam-Allan

Introducing A New Kind Of Still Life Photography

I carefully arrange things and then capture the scene on film. By using photography, I aim to create an exaggeration of reality and compounding of fears. I ask myself: When does a dream become a nightmare? The still life, as a type of representation, nods toward product and food photography, but I try to complicate the…

Meet The Artists Making Bodies Better Places

They make a living off the female form, evoking power and strength in exposing, highlighting the most vulnerable yet beautiful thing about us: our naked home. In doing so, both Liah Edwardes and Hilde Atalanta have created powerful communities of self-love and reconnection. Liah, aka @DriftedLineDesign, sees each body as originally beautiful. No duplicates, no…

Third Eye

Our pink haired heroine has an eye-opening experience for the very first time. Comic: Yaga Sara

India’s Gaze On Women: Priyanka Shah

It’s hard to be a woman in India. From birth many suffer the consequence of gender hierarchy, where baby boys take the top spot in many families as they are considered both good luck and a blessing. As a female you’re at a disadvantage in society before you’ve even started your life. With a more…

Heather Glazzard Is Reclaiming Exposed Female Bodies

My work has always massively focused on pulling a vulnerable side out of queer women weather it’s through a fashion shoot or a documentary portrait sitting or a bit of both. there’s this idea that by being exposed it allows you to become very vulnerable. Exposure can be done through many ways, in this one I chose…

The Performance Artist Exorcizing Her Demons On Stage

Celeste XXX is something that I have created as a rebellion towards conventional views of art, music, and the female form. XXX meaning sexually explicit or provocative content XXX meaning poison “punk” does not have to have a distorted fast pace guitar and angry vocals and pop does not have to be a mainstream thing….

Femmes Omitted: Nellie Bly: The Girl Puzzle

As women, we know the feeling of outrage when our entire existence is reduced to archetypal gender norms: a man telling you to get back to the kitchen, to smile as if you exist for his gratification only, what you can and can’t do with your own body. That outrage, and that fire, is the…

Cruise Through This Artist’s Neon Paradise

In a city inundated with neon signs and partially functioning LED lights, their presence can often feel hackneyed. LA artist Ginger Q. knows this. Yet, that doesn’t deter her from the versatile and appealing medium that is neon; it intrigues her. In her most recent solo show, entitled Flip It N’ Reverse It, Ginger explored…

Not Yours

Not Yours is an interpretation of femininity and the unattainable ideals imposed upon women. Using the untraditional medium of 3D, my images aim to scrutinise the role of the internet and its desire to be aesthetically perfect. Through whimsical colour and texture, Bambi moulds glamorous dreamscapes and scenarios. 3D art: Bambi Kirschner

Just, Our Girls

Who are the girls you see? Pure, dolls colored pink, white dress with lace, unicorn, quiet, shy, obey… Who are they? In here, only ‘our’ girls exist. Just, ‘our’ girls stand in front of you. An insight on the women doing ‘unconventional’ jobs for our gender by illustrator by Handi Kim

The Callousness Of A Casual Cocaine Habit

I’m sure many of us have lost count of the number of times we’ve had a few drinks and suddenly fancied the white stuff. It first occurs at the start of a house party when riding that early gin fuelled wave of social excitement and expectation. But as we always inevitably discover, it will only…